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HouseGleam offers exceptional afterbuilders cleaning service among the other types of cleaning in its formidable catalogue. Realising this service is among the hardest to provide due to specificity of knowledge and skill required, we stand prepared to tackle any job of this kind, any day we are asked to. Employing the best technicians in town and wielding some of the most powerful cleaning equipment on the market makes us the number one choice for many in need of afterbuilders cleaning in London. Below, we will go over the details of the service itself as well as some additional relevant information..

An after builders cleaning London team

Whether you have built your own new home or are moving into a brand new one, it matters little. We can assist in fully and utterly removing all the build up dust, debris, paint and plaster so then the property can be proclaimed liveable. Another case is when companies in charge of building new houses or apartments need help dealing with the cleaning afterwards. No matter whether a business or private entity contacts us, we are more than ready and willing to give a helping hand. Many have tried us so far and were not disappointed with the results. And how can they be? We provide simply one of the top after builders cleaning in London. After builders cleaning in London is predominantly being booked through professional cleaning companies and that is so simply because its not so easy to do. The amount of dust, and hard sticky dust at that can really discourage even the most enthusiastic of people. Post builders dust is not like the ordinary one - much harder to remove and often requires special tools or very strong chemicals. Same goes for paint and plaster. We have witnessed works done by citizens trying to save some money and do it all by themselves. Those people needed handymen services afterwards, not only cleaners. Make your own conclusions.

Here's what makes our after builders cleaning service stand out

Post builders and after construction cleaning is a service which we don't just offer for the sake of having it on our website. We take pride in the professionalism of our after builders teams and if you click here you can read why they are so great.

Post builders cleaning LondonWondering what’s so special about our post builders cleaning? It does what it says and thats a great start. Moreover, let’s once again re-emphasise the need for professional services simply because this kind of work is unlikely to be done very well without the very much needed knowledge and expertise. Having said that, we can not even consider leaving the premises as is. Nobody would want to live in there, much less buy the place in this state. Absolutely mandatory for builders wanting to bring the newly built houses or apartments to presentable state. Providing proper afterbuilders cleaning in London or even the outskirts is positively the right way to promote these potentially life changing purchases.Providing post renovations or post builders kind of cleaning is, by all means, all about quality. Cleaning professionals needs to pay special attention to every single detail and make sure there is no dust remaining upon the end of the cleaning session. Also difficult to remove is the paint splashes and spots on windows and glass doors. These can often be seen all over the glasswork and would be very frustrating to have to return and redo an area. Getting the job done from the very first time is our top priority and strongest motivation. All the appreciation we receive from clients having experienced our professional post renovations cleaning in London.

We make post builders cleaning a child's play

Super convenient and ready to help, our after builders teams in London are dispatched in a moment's notice

The fantastic thing about our after builders service is that we tailor and schedule everything around your needs. If you'd like to see how our company is able to have builders cleaners ready at any time, click here and read more.

Having the job scheduled at a convenient time is really important to most clients. We, of course, can appreciate that. If you represent a business, you are most likely pressed by hard deadlines and need to stay on top of things. Not to worry, we can adjust to your timetable perfectly and effortlessly as long as you provide good enough notice in advance. If you are a homeowner/tenant looking for some afterbuilders cleaning in London after renovations performed or, then you are at the right place as well. Regardless whether it will take a half day, a full day or even many days in a row, that is perfectly fine.Typically, after renovations kind of cleaning service is not among the cheapest one. Granted it can not really be as inexpensive as regular cleaning is, it does not have to be excessive either. Having in mind all the hard work that needs to be done there raises the question of fairness when it comes to payments, hence the marketwide high prices for afterbuilders cleaning in London. We are taking that into account and at the same time we are not. Meaning, HouseGleam is striving to offer the best possible prices, fair to both parties. That is how everybody wins.

High standards are the thing we're most proud of and we offer it with our after builders cleaning as well.

Flexible in every single aspect, we at HouseGleam, realize that not everyone can stay at the premises while the work is ongoing and you shouldn't really have to. We accept all types of payments on site and our cleaners could go unsupervised by you as they are completely CRB checked and carefully vetted. Read more by clicking here.

Completely mindful of the fact it may not be possible for everyone for you or someone you know to be present at the premises at the time of the cleaning, we strive to be as flexible as we can about that. One way to tackle the issue would be for you to leave the key with a neighbour or a friend. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement (it is quite common and safe), we can still try to adjust to your personal timetable and attend at a convenient time. We offer the amazing next day guarantee for our professional upholstery cleaning services as well as variations regarding the timing. Mornings are fine as well as late afternoons but it all comes down to availability, both ours and yours.