Primrose Hill NW8

End of tenancy cleaning Primrose Hill NW8

End of tenancy cleaning Primrose Hill NW8

If you are moving in or out of rented accommodation, are an estate agent, property management company, landlord or are selling your home or office, Pink Swan Cleaning can ensure that you will be completely satisfied with our end of tenancy cleaning service. 

Our prices are based on properties that are in a reasonable condition and are either empty or partially furnished and unoccupied.

Our services will include the following tasks: The vacuuming of carpets, mopping of hard floors, cleaning of woodwork (doors, frames, skirting boards and picture frames) cleaning of fittings and fixtures (switches, sockets) internal window cleaning and frames, cleaning of cupboards (internal and external) cleaning of all accessible hard surfaces,cleaning of appliances (external) deep clean of bathrooms and toilet including descaling, the removal of cob-webs, the dusting of walls and the removal of any marks where permissible.

Affordable end of tenancy cleaning

The high price of the London real estate has left milions of people no other choice, but to live in rental properties. There are a couple great things about living in a rental properties, but there are a couple of downsides to it as well. One of these downsides is the moment when you need to move to another house or apartment, no matter what the reason is. Weather your family has grown and you need more space, or your rent has been raised and the place you're living in isn't financially the best choice anymore, HouseGleam is ready to step in and help you with your moving. We've crafted an amazing service that will leave you on the sidelines doing nothing, but observing the process and all you're left to do is collect your deposit back and enjoy your new home. Our cleaning services are always performed by reliable and trained professionals who would do the job with care and attention to detail. We believe that by going above and beyond for our customers, we'll get returning customers for years to come. So if you lived in Primrose Hill NW8 and you are moving out of your rental property there, or you're moving in an apartment or a house in Primrose Hill NW8, we can help in both situations. Call, request a free quote, or chat with us and we'll arrange a great end of tenancy cleaning team to come at a time convenient to you.


Benefits you will take advantage of:


Professional equipment and detergents - Obviously as a professional cleaning company we won't use Tesco products, but the best commercial brands for professional cleaning, that are both eco friendly, pet friendly and harmless to your health.

Fast but guaranteed work - Our cleaning crew will do their utmost best to perform the job in the fastest way possible, without skipping a detail in the process. We will be out of your hair in no time, leaving you with a sparkling apartment or house to show to the people conducting the inspectation.

Flexibility - Our company always does it's best to perform the end of tenancy cleaning at the time which is most convenient to the client. We even offer overnight cleaning sessions if you forgot to deal with the cleaning until the last moment. 


What does our end of tenancy in Primrose Hill NW8 include

As you probably know end of tenancy cleaning is a one off service, which should cover everything in your already unfurnished property. Having an unfurnished property isn't required, but it is advised to have your belongings removed already before the session takes place. The service we offer in Primrose Hill NW8 covers all rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms if there are multiple of them and all other types of utility and sun rooms. If the property requires it, we perform professional steam carpet cleaning, making all carpets look their best possible way. We clean all kitchen appliances, cupboards, skirting boards and everything else that needs cleaning in your kitchen and if you're worried about your bathroom, worry not as - de-liming and de-scaling is also included in our service. 


Why we believe that professional end of tenancy cleaning in Primrose Hill NW8 is the best choice?

Well first off, about 90% of landlords and 100% of letting agencies require professional cleaning of the property once it has been vacated and they also require a proof of the cleaning session being done. This means that even if you don't want to have it, the letting agency or landlord will have you hire a cleaning company anyway. If you have a landlord who hasn't noted this in your contract though, there's a big chance that they will still ask you to have the property cleaned and if you haven't cleaned a house yourself, you simply don't know how much work that involves. Besides you will probably be too busy organizing the move and settling in your new home to deal with the cleaning of your old place.

So let us provide  you with a piece of mind in both scenarios and do the end of tenancy cleaning in Primrose Hill NW8 for you. We promise not to disappoint and return your security bond. 

Here are some testimonials from our clients

I liked the job that House Gleam did for me in Primrose Hill, but the first impression I got from their cleaners was not that good as they were a little late that day. It was not such a big deal and I let it go as the booking was at around 6pm which is rush hour and I guess they got stuck in traffic. Besides for that really good cleaning!

Julio Wilkinson


My days of paying a monthly rent are over, but the last time I needed a company like House Gleam to do an end of tenancy cleaning session the place that I lived in Primrose Hill. The apartment really needed a serious work as it was kind of a bachelor's place and this cleaning company did a wonderful job on it. I now use them for regular domestic cleaning at my new property and their standards are even higher.

Johnny Ziegler