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The end of tenancy cleaning service in a nutshell

There are a lot of ways to describe the service, but most of our clients really only care for a couple of aspects of the service itself. One of which is the low prices, which we are notorious with and the second being the quality of the work that we provide as the final goal is always getting the full security deposit back, or if the client is a landlord, the best possible condition for his/her property to ensure that the property is appealing for the potential new tenants. As we have always strived to provide not only high quality, but also high value for our clients, our services are tailored specifically to the client’s needs and the property being vacated as well as the number of items that require cleaning and we do not provide estimates solely depending on the size of the property being vacated. That’s why our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford has always been one of the services we’ve excelled in, but of course, not the only one.

With landlords and tenants in mind, our move out cleaning service is affordable and we even offer additional fantastic deals and discounts for students and employees of the Oxford University, with our coupon code being available on the Oxford University website.

What is the average cost for an end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford

Giving an average estimate can only be done over the phone, email or via live chat, as we use a special system to assess the property and the extent of the cleaning service which it will require. In some scenarios an inspection performed by one of our associates on site will be required, but in most cases a brief phone conversation will be enough for our office team to give you an exact quote on the price you’ll have to pay. The prices you are quoted with over the phone are final and with us you will never have to read additional “fine print” once the end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford has been carried out. We are really strict when it comes to pricing and you won’t be surprised by our final prices once the job is done.

Oxford and its population is ever growing and the demand for high end properties is also increasing and even after Brexit it has kept on going. With that said, it’s important to consider that the presentation of your property is of tremendous value and that’s where we come in.

Although 5 start quality is what you can expect, it’s important to note that our prices start at the super low price of 79GBP for the smallest studio flats where there aren’t any additional items such as ovens or carpets to be cleaned and having in mind that the average security deposit for such a property would be about 1000 pounds, it’s safe to say, that the end of tenancy cleaning is a great investment which pays off 10x at the end. If you heard about a company being traded on the stock exchange where their prices will get you a 10x return of investment you wouldn’t hesitate would you? So why would you like to gamble with money you’ve earned with hard work.

What does your end of tenancy cleaning service include

Our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford is the most thorough service you can get available in the city today. The standard move out clean includes the cleaning of all cupboards, inside and out and on top as well. We’ll also clean all door and window frames the windows from the inside as well and outside. We’ll also professionally clean all carpeted areas with a powerful vacuum cleaner, but those will only be hovered unless otherwise specified. Of course we also offer professional carpet cleaning as well but that service costs additionally as it requires bringing additional equipment as well as using our award winning eco-friendly and pet friendly products which are not harmful to neither the carpets themselves nor the environment. The whole property will be wiped out from top to bottom starting from the top and going all the way down to the grime between the tiles in the kitchen. Once the living room and bedroom areas are already cleaned, we go to the Bathroom where all surfaces are treated for limescale and are left spotless using non-abrasive materials to make sure the fittings are polished, but their surfaces aren’t scratched. All tiles mirrors and fittings are polished to perfection, making sure you get a spotless fantastic looking property ready to rent out to the next person. Of course there are many other aspects to the end of tenancy cleaning and we’ll gladly explain them in details to you over the phone if you wish to find out more. All details about our services are also sent out to each client in a written form once the booking has been made and the confirmation is sent out to your mail.

Does the cleaning take a lot of time? Do I need to be there ?

No and no. We have developed a certain way of communicating inside the team and a great relationship with most of the larger letting agencies and will be able to get the key for the property as long as you give your consent. The real estate agencies already recognize us as one of the leaders in the end of tenancy cleaning space in Oxford and we can get the key for you, perform the service and leave it back with the letting agents. This type of service simply requires an up-front deposit, but makes the whole process hassle free for you. Timeframes really vary when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning, as the service itself is not limited in time, but the average duration is over 2 hours for a studio flat.

Are there any upsides of the use of your services ?

There certainly are! End of tenancy cleaning is a service which almost all landlords and about 100% of rental agencies require when you are about to vacate the property. Professional cleaning is something you can not ignore when you are vacating the premises, as this would directly reflect the security deposit you receive back. Even if you have cleaned the property up to the highest industry standards, you can expect a deduction in the security deposit, because of the lack of documentation for the cleaning being done professionally. The cleaning industry has now become an integral part of the rental space and the letting business and although you are not obligated by law to have the property cleaned from top to bottom from a company like ours, House Gleam is a business that you can rely on to ensure you get the bond back once the tenancy has ended. We are invested in making sure you get your money’s worth.

Another upside of the use of a professional cleaning service like the one offered by House Gleam is that we already have great relationships with letting agencies and you can expect to pass the inspections by them smooth without any hassle.

Do you have any guarantees for your Oxford move out cleaning service?

We most certainly do! Our 72 hours industry leading guarantee is applied on all tenancy cleaning jobs performed in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the surrounding cities in vicinity to the city of Oxford. This guarantee ensures you can expect the property for 3 days after the job was completed and then go get the inspection done by the letting agency in a timely manner, so in the unlikely event that there are any issues with the end of tenancy cleaning, we can come back and deal with the problematic areas. This is one of the reasons why an end of tenancy deep clean is much better then a one off cleaning service, as there simply isn’t such a guarantee with such services, while the end of lease Oxford cleaning has this awesome feature as a given and included in our terms and conditions by default.

If you are looking for a guaranteed service and a hassle free experience when the tenancy has come to an end, there’s no better place to look for that then House Gleam. Call today and ask for a personalized quote by one of our associates and you’ll have your flat or house cleaned professionally in no time, making your move smoother and easier and getting you the desired bond back in no time.

List of covered towns near Oxford

Our coverage has continued to grow in the past few years and we’re now looking to expand even further in Northern England. As you’re looking for an end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, it’s important to note that we cover all of Oxford and Oxfordshire as well as South East England already and are in process of expanding our reach and coverage to Birmingham, so in case you live outside of the city of Oxford, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered. Even if you live out of the city of Oxford, you can still take advantage of the Oxford University of Employee discount program too, which is our special thank you to the contribution of the academic society.

You can take advantage of our fantastic services in many parts of Oxford and Oxfordshire and more specifically parts of Oxfordshire such as : Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Iffley, Cutteslowe, Headington, North Oxford, Osney, Summertown, and Wolvercote. We also cover lots of Oxford suburbs such as  Botley, Cumnor Hill, Dean Court and of course North Hinksey, where lots of happy clients have already received their security deposits back and new tenants have already started living in the fresh clean properties which we have prepared for them.

Are there any other discounts aside from the ones for Students and Employees of Oxford University ?

We currently do not have any additional discounts that you can take advantage of in relation with any other companies or letting agencies, but such deals are in the works already. We are still the best company you can use when it comes to pricing, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote, as our office staff is going to offer you a price you can not resist even if it doesn’t include a discount. As for discounts for students and employees we require a proof of attendance and a proof that you work in the University in order to take advantage of the promo offer. The promo itself gives you an additional 5% off the regular prices, which is already the lowest one you can find on the market, offering most value.

Benefits of using our end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford

  • Tremendous customer care and help
  • Live chat support available 24/7 to help with any queries or issues related to the process.
  • In case you need to move to a different city such as London, we can help with the move and cleaning of the property there with awesome discounts and price rebates.
  • A 72 hour guarantee for end of tenancy cleaning services carried out in Oxford and Oxfordshire
  • Custom quotes provided over phone, email or live chat within minutes of your enquiry.
  • Free re-cleans for a failed checkout report, if we are notified within 3 days of the cleaning job.
  • Man and van and removals services available in case you are moving to another part of Oxford, Oxfordshire or a city in South East England, including but not limited to London.

Here’s what our end of tenancy cleaning for tenants includes

  • Fast and reliable customer care team which will guide you through the whole process without taking more of your time than necessary.
  • Security bond back guaranteed (in case the cleaning is what’s in the way of you obtaining your bond back)
  • Help with getting a recommendation from your landlord.
  • Oven cleaning can be added to the end of tenancy cleaning service at a really low additional cost with a 50% discount from the regular service.
  • Specialized help with move out from larger properties like houses, with complimentary services like Gardening, Removals and man and van services.

Advantages and additional benefits for Landlords

  • Fixed rates and low prices for long terms clients with
  • The service isn’t limited in terms of the time it would take. This means that our team will stay and clean the property from top to bottom to prepare it for it’s new tenants that will be impressed from the first moment they see it
  • Late notice booking isn’t an issue with FAB Cleaning. We specialize in end of tenancy cleaning and even offer overnight cleaning sessions at a really reasonable rate
  • We include oven and hob cleaning in our end of tenancy cleaning service
  • Booking a regular cleaning, oven cleaning or something similar means you get up to 30% discount on the service you book after the move out service
  • The prices you pay are final and fixed and we do not change anything last minute. Our booking confirmation is final and you can rely on us to always be ready to help

Moving out of a property in London and you are looking for end of tenancy cleaning. Well here are the most frequent questions that people like yourself ask us before booking the service and securing their deposit back from the landlord:

Information about tenancy deposit security

Frequently asked questions

How can you claim that you offer the best prices

A. We claim that we offer the cheapest end of tenancy cleaning in London because the clients that contact us, contact on average up to 5 other cleaning companies before making their final choice. In over 75% of the bookings, the clients ask us to offer a better price then the competition and we do it.

Are your cleaners supervised at all times

A. Although our cleaning technicians aren’t supervised in 100% of the time, a manager-supervisor tends to properties randomly and all of our technicians are always doing their very best in order to keep up to the standards, as supervisors could duck their pay if they have missed something at the end of an end of tenancy cleaning session. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and the way we achieve excellence might seem cruel to the employees of the company, but that’s how we manage to secure more and more work for them and increase their pay periodically.

How many people do you send

A. We tend to send 2 cleaning technicians to almost all properties, but if it’s a 4 or more bedroom house, then obviously a team of two would not suffice and we dispatch a second team to the property or send a third cleaner to help out. It obviously depends on the condition, so if the client is uncertain on the condition of the property, we schedule a viewing and decide afterwards.

How long does it take

A. This is a tough question to ask as there’s no rule of thumb for how long a cleaning would take. Like previously mentioned it all depends on the property conditions. We always add an hour and a half extra just to be sure, unless we are absolutely 100% sure that we can manage to get the job done in a certain time frame, without making any compromises with the quality of the work.

Do I need to have any supplies

A. Unlike regular house cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning is a service which requires special cleaning detergents that remove lime scale for example. Most households do not keep such strong products in their closet and even if they did, we only operate with the highest quality detergents by Pro-Chem, an industry leader that doesn’t offer it’s products at supermarkets to the general public.

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Some details about our cleaning technicians operating in London

  • All of the cleaning teams have a liability insurance of 1 million pounds
  • The background checks that we conduct are thorough and we do not employ people with shady pasts
  • FAB Cleaning puts all of it’s cleaning technicians offering end of tenancy cleaning through a vigorous training process
  • Every 10 cleaners have a supervising manager to make certain that the quality you get is the best possible
  • Our cleaners speak English on a high level and you won’t have problems dealing with them on site

Passing checkout inspections is our specialty

With literally hundreds of checkouts carried out in Oxford and Oxfordshire, we are the company you want to call if you’d like to receive your deposit back in full. Read reviews from past clients below.

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